Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time Warp!! [Sharon Stylee]

age 7

age 11

age 14

age 18

age 20

age 22

for some reason, the images wont upload as links to the bigger sizes. any ideas?


Emily Davis said...

these are really fun!

Hei (Ray) said...

Sharon, these are awesome! I love the gestures and emotions they portray!

Preston Farr said...

Freaking sweet! Great job. I have no idea why they arent linking to the larger sizes. I had a similar issue, but it was blogger resizing my fullview so it was dramatically smaller.

Pat Marconett said...

nice paintings/drawings. Found your site from the a random google search

Brooke said...

Sharon, you are so talented :) I love these! And I miss you!